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Photo: Jackie Stevens

Twelve New Studies in Extreme Virtuosity

Inspired by Alexander Scriabin's 

Twelve Etudes, Op. 8

Recomposed Scriabin by Jennifer Jolley

Forz, Smorz by John McDonald

Ona to ma ikrę! by Julia Seeholzer

MacGuffin by Drew Dolan

Leaps, Bounds, and Everything In-Between by Jason Richmond

A Touch of Mysterium by Steven Weimer

AS 8.7.2  by Joel Hoffman

浮沤 by Rachel C. Walker

In Response by Bradley Harris

Black Disfigured Souls by Douglas Knehans

Vespertine by Daniel Harrison

Amid Shadows by Laura Harrison

A labor of love and countless hours, The Scriabin Response Project was inspired by Mr. Rucinski's close association with both established and upcoming voices in new music in early 2016. Commissioning twelve unique composers to respond to the cornucopia of stylistically and technically distinct works of Scriabin's Twelve Etudes, Op. 8, Kristofer has displayed the works alongside their progenitors in various concerts and settings, including a world premiere concert in CCM's Werner Recital Hall in Cincinnati.

Editing and post-production is ongoing and a commercial release of both sets of etudes, which were recorded in Cincinnati between 2017 and 2019, is expected soon. 

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