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Unheard-of Passion for the Music of Living Composers

corners premiere.png

Image from the premiere of Laura Harrison's Corners of the Sky, 2017

World Premieres

2022 - Upcoming

Cat Suite by Steve Sudduth

Awakening by Huijuan Ling

The Flying Bird Variations by Paul Skripnik

City of Tears by Christopher Larkin, arr. Kris Rucinski


Carol of the Kings by Kristofer Rucinski



Fresh Keyboard Salad by Kristofer Rucinski


Meditation for James Blignaut by Kristofer Rucinski


Aliyah the Strange by Arturo Fernandez
Corners of the Sky by Laura Harrison
The Kurozo-Cho Images: Book 3 by Arturo Fernandez
Lesser Gods by Drew Dolan
The Scriabin Response Project
Ziggurat Vertigo by Kristofer Rucinski



All Alarms Sounding by Mara Helmuth
touch by Douglas Knehans


Indigo Rhyme by Rachel C. Walker


Erinyes by Laura Harrison
Minotaur by Daniel Harrison
The Mysterious Fountain by Drew Dolan
Piano Sonata by Jason Richmond
Piano Trio by Rachel C. Walker



Bardo by Daniel Harrison
Fixation by Bradley Harris
Four Movements by James Allen
Geryone by Laura Harrison
The Revolution of Time and Its Decisions Have Defeated Reason and Knowledge by Kristofer Rucinski
Trio by Ivan Moscotta


Kinds of Light and Empty Spaces by Daniel Harrison
Night Music by Rachel C. Walker
Piano Trio No. 2 “pro defunctis” by Tyler Niemeyer
Quartet by Laura Harrison
Two Haiku by Sullivan Boeckner


The Silken Tent by Aaron Alon


Earbox Essay by Stephen Cabell
Fantasy by Nick Csicsko


Sonata No. 4 (sonata-ballade) by Maksym Malay, 2017
Amid Shadows by Laura Harrison, 2016
AS 8.7.2 by Joel Hoffman, 2016
Black Disfigured Souls by Douglas Knehans, 2016
Forz, Smorz by John McDonald, 2016
浮沤 by Rachel Walker, 2016
In Response by Bradley Harris, 2016
Leaps, Bounds, and Everything In-Between by Jason Richmond, 2016
MacGuffin by Drew Dolan, 2016
Ona to ma ikrę! by Julia Seeholtzer, 2016
Recomposed Scriabin by Jennifer Jolley, 2016
A Touch of Mysterium by Steven Weimer, 2016
Vespertine by Daniel Harrison, 2016

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