FALL 2021


Fundraiser for Tennessee Overdose Prevention

The Inescapable Light I-IV (2013)

by Kris Lennox

World Premiere Piano Works

by Stephen Darnell, Sissy Ellison,

Steve Sudduth, and Kris Rucinski

Piano Sonata (1905)

by Mily Balakirev

Piano Sonata No. 4, Op. 30 (1903)

by Alexander Scriabin

Knoxville, TN


April 18​

University of the Cumberlands Spring Ensemble Showcase

Cappriccio and Intermezzo
for Piano and Wind Ensemble (2005)

by Charles Booker

Steven Sudduth and University of the Cumberlands Wind Ensemble

University of the Cumberlands

Williamsburg, KY



April 12

Birthday Charity Bash to Support E.M. Jellinek Center 

 Fresh Keyboard Salad by Kristofer Rucinski

The Ides of March by Kristofer Rucinski

3 Gymnopédies by Eric Satie

6 Gnossiennes by Eric Satie

Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 1 by Frédéric Chopin

Ballade No. 1, Op. 23 by Frédéric Chopin

Awaken Coffee

Knoxville, TN



August 26

A Musical Message of Hope and Remembrance

Opening from Glassworks by Philip Glass

China Gates by John Adams

The Lunarians from Final Fantasy IV by Nobuo Uematsu

Meditation for James Blignaut by Kristofer Rucinski

The Mysterious Fountain by Drew Dolan​

Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 36 by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Emerald Ave United Methodist Church

Knoxville, TN


October 13

Alia-The-Strange by Arturo Fernandez

CCM, Watson Recital Hall

Cincinnati, OH

3 PM

September 22-23

Lou Harrison - Piano Concerto
with Dayton Philharmonic and Neal Gittleman

Schuster Center

Dayton, OH

May 18

Chamber Soundbox: Cincinnati – Chicago

Shade Studies by Samuel Adams

Lesser Gods by Drew Dolan

Dhikr by Turkar Gasimzada

Cincinnati, OH

​April 23

Om Srivastava Recital

Steam Man of the Praries by Steven Snowden

Ziggurat Vertigo by Kristofer Rucinski

Cincinnati, OH

​May 2

New Concerto Project 

Corners of the Sky by Laura Harrison

Leapin' Lizard Events Space

Covington, KY

April 11

A View From The Edge

Ziggurat Vertigo by Kristofer Rucinski

Cincinnati, OH

April 5

Composition Recital

The Kurozu-Cho Images: Book 3 by Arturo Fernandez

Cincinnati, OH

March 29

The Scriabin Response Project

Delaware, OH

February 19

The Scriabin Response Project

West Chester, OH

February 1

The Scriabin Response Project - World Premiere Performance

Cincinnati, OH




September 31

A View From The Edge

Amid Shadows by Laura Harrison

Cincinnati, OH

September 21

Faculty Recital

All Alarms Sounding by Mara Helmuth

Cincinnati, OH

April 21

Chamber Recital

Erinyes by Laura Harrison

with Brandon Wendt
Indigo Rhyme by Rachel C. Walker

with Elizabeth Wareham
Hallelujah Junction by John Adams

with Andy Villemez
Nuit d'été by Louis Andriessen

with Rachel C. Walker

March 14

Solo Recital

touch by Douglas Knehans

Toccata, BWV 912 by J. S. Bach

Piano Sonata, D. 664 by Franz Schubert

The Mysterious Fountain, by Drew Dolan

Ballade, by Kristofer Rucinski